The HCG Drops

The HCG Drops are a must-have product if you are thinking about following the HCG-based diet. The best drops out there are 100% safe and you can achieve some incredible results, like losing a pound a day. HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone that helps you burn fat very fast by decreasing your hunger feeling and stimulating the body to burn calories. The diet has shown has been proven to work when followed strictly, and effects can usually be visible in a short period of time.  The HCG Drops affect many of your body’s hormones including testosterone. This means that even though you will be losing a lot of weight, your muscle tissue will be retained and only the fat tissue will be removed from your body. Numerous studies have been conducted whose results support this diet and its benefits. If you’re looking to buy HCG drops, we have selected some of the best diet-based products and did a comparison chart to make selection easier for you. Please be very careful and select the one that you think best fits your criteria (we update the chart based on new HCG product information and user testimonials).


Comparison between the best HCG Drops brands on the market today:

doctor-talk 1. HCG Complex
2. HCG 1234
3. HCG Amino Plus
Overall Rating: 98.9% 83.5% 74.2%
1. Effectiveness 5 stars rating 3.5 stars rating 3 stars rating
2. Ingredients’ Quality High Mediocre Average
4. Product Safety Yes Yes Yes
3. User Satisfaction 98.4% 82.2% 75.8%
4. Customer Service 5 stars rating 3.5 stars rating 3 stars rating
5. Visible Results The Fastest Fast Average
6. Returning Customers Highest Very Good Average
7. Returns/Refunds Yes Yes No
8. Success Rate 98.7% 80.5% 77.3%
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Safety regarding HCG usage

When using a tested product, the HCG Drops are definitely safe to use. We suggest you take some rest after one month of use, because long term use can cause some mild negative side effects. We understand that you want to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time and believe me, there are a lot of websites that will offer you some rigorous and scammy dieting products that maybe give you some instant effects, but after a few weeks, you will see that some negative side effects will come to the surface. This is because these drastic changes cannot be followed by all the organs in your body. The heart for example needs time to get used to pumping the right amount of blood for your current weight and this kind of change gives it a big shock. While on the HCG diet, you will eat up to 600 calories a day. I know this looks really small amount but the HCG hormone will help you not feel hungry and it will make your organism use up all the fat reserves you have left in a short, but appropriate amount of time. The proper way to follow the HCG diet is to take breaks. You don’t need to be that consistent with taking the drops. You can lay off a little and let your body regenerate. Then, you will be able to start again and lose some more weight until the next break. This strategy is very effective and will bring you some unbelievable effects.


The greatest benefits of consuming the HCG Diet Drops

What benefits should you expect using the HCG Drops?

As I stated above, you should expect very high amounts of fat loss during the HCG diet and that is not all. You will be able to lose the unnecessary fat and your muscle mass to be left untouched. This will give you a great body in just a few weeks.

Before you buy HCG Drops, there are some things you should know and look for in order to not make a mistake by buying the wrong HCG Diet Drops.

  1. You should always look for HCG-based products that were especially made in America, and from nowhere else, because there are a lot of scammers from all around the world that will only take your money and give you a product with more side effects than anything else.
  2. Some of the best ways to know that you are buying pure hcg drops is to check if the lab or facility where the drops are made is approved by the FDA. If it is, this means that they make high-quality products and you can trust them.
  3. You should never buy untrusted products and always look for pharmaceutical grade HCG-based products and supplements, because as I said before, there a tremendous amount of people that will just want to take your money and be glad to not give you anything in return.

1. The HCG Complex

When you looked at the table up there just a moment ago, you probably noticed that HCG Complex is a little superior when it comes to be compared with its rivals. It has shown some incredible results and I can say that anyone who thinks on following the HCG Diet, should certainly give HCG Complex a try. This product gives an immense pleasure and an incredible feeling all the time. The side effects are a thing from the past. HCG Complex is scientifically tested and it get rid of your visceral fat forever. To be honest, this product is my personal favorite and I have to tell you it’s not just me, there have been people who have shared their experience using HCG Complex and they were astonished with the drastic changes these HCG drops did to their bodies. Another thing to consider when you look for HCG drops is the purity of the product. These drops are probably the purest HCG drops on the market at the moment. We recommend it to anyone to try it out, it will be worth it.

Here’s a review of the product from a person who used it (and allowed us to re-upload the video):

Visit the HCG Complex website



2. HCG 1234

These drops have gotten some pretty great reviews within only a few months after their release and they certainly do not disappoint. If you are in need of an effective and a high-quality HCG-based product then HCG 1234 is one of the best choices you can make. The drops are completely pure and have reported little to no side effects. Although the HCG 1234 has a lower overall rating than the HCG Complex it is still a good choice when it comes to an HCG diet products.



3. HCG Amino Plus

As you can see from the table, HCG Amino Plus has the lowest ratings, but has still made our list of top 3 HCG drops, because of its reports for incredible long term effects. This product shows its results later than the other two products but I can say that it is as effective.


When you are thinking of buying any product, you probably do your research and try to find the best for you. Well, when you buy things that you directly consume, you should be extra careful, because it can affect your health and your budget. This is why I have prepared several, most important topics to discuss throughout this article and those are:

  • The HCG Drops
  • Safety regarding HCG usage
  • The greatest benefits of consuming the HCG Diet Drops
  • Some of the best HCG products on the market